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Merry Xmas

Is an EARLY EXPANSION, privately held, regional company engaged in Equity Capital sourcing. We are planning to serve a population base of some 20 million incorporating the East Coast of Australia and New Zealand.  Plus factors are...

Virtually all the 140 airline suppliers are regional. Also technical and other professionals are from Australia and New Zealand. We see it as a plus to support local business...

Tourism is a vital industry both in Australia and New Zealand providing billions of dollars of economic activity and contribution to growth...

The Jumpjet Airlines Limited® proposal will result in the continuing development of the regional international market with a well-defined focus on tourism...  

Jumpjet® business modelling proposes to launch an Early Expansion local company into our own markets to promote regional economic development...

The Biking Club is run by volunteers who have built notable Mountain and Biking Trails around the City. The Club stage regular Biking Events for the Tourist and Locals alike.  Visit the Club Site for the latest Events and great Biking!

The VFR travellers are a market segment that is expanding and the second largest segment.  Focused fares will assist growth.  

The small to medium business travel has fallen off in recent times due to the GFC and continuing regression. Jumpjet® fares and services have a goal to grow this vital market.

Jumpjet® fares and marketing have an objective to support this long term but healthy group that mainly travel in Term Holidays.

Good quality facilities exist in each destination city enabling future Trans Tasman promotion in favour of private, professional and sporting conferences.

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The Jumpjet® niche market approach targets the family holiday travellers who are crossing the Tasman each way on well planned trips and are the largest market percentage.

Jumpjet® fares will not compete directly against major airlines but the company marketing is competitive in the Trans Tasman market...