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Jumpjet is partially funded and currently structuring to facilitate the sourcing of capital necessary to ensure the provision of stable passenger operations across the Tasman. Interested parties should be aware that, today, aviation is solidly locked into computerisation and digital technology. This new era has advantages that were not able to be achieved in the analogue days of the past. Computerisation has enabled costs to be reduced and technical safety to be improved. Jumpjet systems will use such design technology.    

A comprehensive Investment Opportunity private prospectus is offered.

Jumpjet uses 140+ Supplies who will generally provide local product. Compound employment multiplier is 2.5. Total employment grows to 625 by Year 3.

Compound Employment Gains

Visitor numbers across the Tasman grow at up to 5% per year. Jumpjet research indicates 45% of passengers will be tourists on company services.

Tourism Gains

Company value and first year EBIT have been used to identify multiple Capital Tranches. No further Rounds are sought for the five-year budget planning.


Substantial Returns on Investment considering Notes, Dividends and conservative Net Capital Gain following a discretionary Year Five IPO Exit for Investors.

Benchmark Returns

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