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Is a privately held regional company engaged in active Equity Capital sourcing and Commercial structuring from a partially capitalised status. The planned network of service is the population base of some 20 million  incorporating the East Coast of Australia and most of New Zealand. Virtually all the 140+ airline suppliers are regional. Also Technical and other Professionals are from Australia and New Zealand. We see it as a Plus to support local Business…  




Local Suppliers

Regional Tourism

Trans Tasman Market

Regional Economic Development

Trans Tasman Market

The Trans Tasman has the potential of continued development in the regional international market with a well defined focus on Tourism. The Tourist Industry is vital to both Australia and New Zealand providing billions of dollars of economic activity and contribution to growth…

2016 Year of Maximum Rush

Tourism Links

Great adventure tourist pursuits abide at the East Coast of Australia destinations and many New Zealand locations. Go For It !!!

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