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Carriage by Air

Dangerous Goods

No commercial Dangerous Goods will be carried  on Jumpjet Aircraft. Passengers may carry some approved DG’s. These will be clearly indicated on the Booking Web Site once operations commence.

All Passengers travelling between New Zealand and Australia are required to have Passports and in some cases Visas.

In total some 2,684,000 passengers travelled the Tasman between Australia and New Zealand reaching a growth rate of 5.0% for the year ending October 2017. Inbound visitors from the USA experienced a growth of 17.0% into our region.  The most popular purpose of regional travel, for arriving passengers, is largely Holidays or Vacation with free or semi-independent arrangements.

Australian and New Zealand passenger traffic transiting the Trans Tasman are key markets. Minor but key nationalities also travelling between the two countries are transiting passengers from the UK, Europe, Japan and Asian countries. In the year to October 2017 the total NZ Inbound Visitor Arrivals equalled some 3,688,000 which amounts to a 8.0% increase in traffic compared to the previous year.

Outbound Australian residents arriving in New Zealand reached 1,464,000 (Inc Norfolk Island) which was a rise of 5.0% for the year ending in October 2017. Outbound trips by New Zealand Residents reached a total of some 2,826,000 or a 11.0%  rise on the previous year. Of these passengers 1,220,000 travelled to Australia.  

Money Laundering

Drug Trafficking

Terrorist Acts (Melbourne)

Whilst the Trans Tasman Market International Airports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch historically have effective Border Control, incidents concerning security, drug trafficking and money laundering are on the increase.

Jumpjet planned services use the high level international terminals at destination airports to provide increased aviation security, border control and immigration monitoring for added passenger security.

Wellington and Melbourne Terminals process domestic and international passengers within the one terminal building. Sydney and Brisbane have separate domestic terminals. However, transit bus services are frequent and low cost for passengers with connecting services at Sydney and Brisbane.

In-Flight Security

Liquids, Gels & Aerosols

Fluids can be used by skilled terrorists to make a small explosive device that can be used to control aircraft in flight. Passengers may take small quantities on board. Requirements are published in the Jumpjet Timetable.

Secure Terminals

Aviation Security

Border Control

Immigration Watch

Travel Documents


Sniffer Dog on the Beat

Market Performance

Trans Tasman Market

December 2017

International Terminals for Passenger Security