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Passenger Services

Airport Procedures
Frequent Flyer Rewards


Purchase Methods

Internet Booking Engine, Reservation Centres, Phone, Travel Agents, Sales Outlets.


Check-In & Baggage

Fast Check-In and Bag Tagging by Staff for security and identification purposes.



Fast boarding processes monitored by Staff with managed flight closure.

Lite Meals

Lite Meal Service

A Jumpjet contracted professional meal provider will Cater for passenger Lite Meals including some vegetarian.  Most Tickets (Flight Passes) are accompanied with a meal. Spares available. Never know your luck ask a Cabin Attendant for a free one !!!

Regional Food Products

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for meals are grown in the rich soils of the Wellington Region. Other food products will be provided by Australian and New Zealand Food producers and manufacturers.

Cabin Service

For operational and technical reasons Jumpjet will crew with an extra Cabin Attendant. This will provide passengers with a high standard of Customer Services. The Cabin is setup around a tourist focus to assist Holidaymakers with tourism pursuits.

Baggage Insurance

Complimentary Baggage Insurance

Jumpjet will provide all passengers with a basic baggage insurance for lost or damaged luggage. We aim for zero tolerance but accept a minor standard industry loss even when using the best supervised Check-In system protocol.

Airport Slots

Jumpjet Airport Slots

Airlines require an approval to park and gain access to a passenger terminal. These “Slots” are allocated on the basis of availability by a global system. They are not allocated on the basis of national resident company registration. Jumpjet is acting to elicit sufficient “Slots” necessary for a full commercial Trans Tasman Schedule in our own aviation market.

Solutions have been determined to ensure sufficient “Slots” are available at passenger terminals.  These are vital to fulfil contracted obligations to Investors based on revenue generated and standard investment returns.

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