Promotional Vouchers

Once operations commence Vouchers may be offered to ticket holders. These are not based on extra transactions or will be a privacy burden.

Registered Office

Level 1, 29 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Phone: 644 566 1024.           

Fax: 644 566 1028.

Jumpjet Holdings Limited

Company Number: 1235130. Incorporated as Jumpjet Holdings Limited in 2002 at the New Zealand Companies Office.

Jumpjet Airlines Limited

Company Number: 941041. Incorporated as Jumpjet Airlines Limited in 2000 at the New Zealand Companies Office.

Jumpjet is a trading name for Jumpjet Airlines Limited (we, our or us) are a registered entity. The Company was initially Incorporated in 1999 as Trans Tasman Express Limited and the name changed in 2000.

Jumpjet Airlines Limited is a subsidiary company of Jumpjet Holdings Limited (we, our or us) are a registered entity. The Holding Company was Incorporated in 2002.

This Privacy Policy and any documents it references, inform how we store and use the personal details or professional information provided for doing business with, or when making and application to, Jumpjet. Jumpjet respects personal or professional Information and is committed to protecting the same in compliance with the Privacy Act 1993.

All Personal or Professional Information sent to us is under the control of Jumpjet. In the event that Jumpjet Airlines Limited or its trading names and brands were subject to additional shareholders, the control and permissions that have been granted with regard to Personal or Professional Information will continue to be exercised by the Company.  

Should you wish to have your information deleted or destroyed (within the law) please advise and all documents will be removed from our servers and office files prior to share transfer.

(Image & Video Disclaimer: A number of images or videos published on this site are not owned by Jumpjet Airlines Limited. They appear on-site to promote tourism in general and attractions in particular. Should owners not be in agreement, please advise and we will remove the offending image or video.)   

Jumpjet Data Privacy Policy

From January 2018

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