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Proposed Services are focused on your needs for Holiday travel, Visiting Friends & Relatives, Student and low cost Business travel.  Planning also caters for Conference travel, scheduled and Emergency Medical transfer plus Group travel adventures!  

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Much research has been undertaken to design systems that reduce the stress we endue at airports and in the passenger Cabin during medium haul operations. No miracles are available but our new processing concepts assist with some of the grotty wrinkles that make our travel experiences unpleasant.                           

Investment and Commercial Structuring:  

Consultancy input from professionals has enabled Jumpjet to complete timelines and structuring for appropriate regional capital and finance necessary to launch.  Sourcing in Australia and New Zealand continues...

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Jerry’s Promotion Planning

Easy Departures

> The Jumpjet Boeing aircraft selected is midrange in size reducing the number of passengers per flight. Thus reducing your time with us at the airport and passenger lines.

> New concept methodology promotes seemless steps in our departure processing. Departures are processed with minimal flight delay following most airport outages or IT equipment failure.

Flexible Processing

> Our ticketing concepts are without gimmickry and designed to smooth out your time at the airport particularly if you are travelling light.

> Bar Coding technology is used from sale to boarding to speed up processing steps.

> Standard comfortable Departure Lounges are used.

Managed Baggage

> Research confirms that the best handling security for your baggage is with the standard Counter check-in system.

> The statistical missing baggage numbers indicate lowest loss factors with this practice.

> Plus, we do it for you and that is what Customer Service is all about !!!

Comfortable Cabin

> Jumpjet does not offer a sardine service but does provide generous leg room with some free options for the larger passenger.

> Light Meals are standard for most fares purchased with numerous freebees promoted. Tea and Coffee is provided plus a bar service.

> Cabin is a single service class with some differences.

> In Flight Entertainment devices are available in limited numbers and can be booked online. Freebees may be available.