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Proposed Services are focused on your needs for Holiday travel, Visiting Friends & Relatives, Student and low cost Business travel.  Planning also caters for Conference travel, scheduled and Emergency Medical transfer plus Group travel adventures!  

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Jumpjet limits its objection of the proposed runway extension to technical and operational grounds as tabled in the New Zealand Environment Court. The Jumpjet airline venture is a multi-million dollar, high asset value, high intensity project with commercial risk. The founding costs and stakes are high. Specific high-risk disruption factors are identified as being seriously able to adversely effect the proposed Jumpjet Trans Tasman commercial passenger scheduled operation.


The famous “Pumpkin” Departure Lounge at the airport terminal provides comfortable seating and a coffee shop to relax whilst waiting for your Trans Tasman Departure boarding call to take to the skies.


Wellington City Teaser by courtesy of Expedia. The City is the world’s southern most capital and home to half a million people with many attractions like the resident seal colony, central government centre, Weta Workshops plus various Adventure activities. Tours are available to visit many key attractions and various film sets.

Reduced current Runway Lengths

> Runway Length, is the physical available runway that is able to be used by pilots in jet aircraft operation.

Unavailability of Aerobridges

> Aerobridges are the structures that enable passengers to get to/from the aircraft.

Unavailability of SLOTS

> SLOTS are "rights of opportunity" to land and drop off passengers, pick up passengers and take-off.

Congested Ramps

> Means: Intensive motorised activity on Tarmac Ramps associated with aircraft arrivals and departures.

Unavailability of Navigation Aids

> Navigation Aids provide navigation guidance to aircraft and precision aids for landing.

Unavailability of full Fire and related Security Services

> The 24/7 requirement for these services (outside the curfew period) is standard for international airports.

Unavailability of Approach Guidance Lights

> Planned scheduled jet operations require a high level of approach guidance lights due to the extent of adverse weather in the area.

Air Traffic Delays

> A number of Trans Tasman sectors operate between two curfews and delays would increase pressure on any commercial schedule.

> Any flight schedule delays are a significant inconvenience to the air travelling public.

Ground Traffic Delays

> Any delays with large numbers of vehicles using the airport will increase vehicle congestion and ground traffic delays.

> The above factors will affect all local airline companies operating commercial flight schedules.